Brewfully Basics

Using Brewfully

For Brewers

How do I sign up as a brewery?

First off, thanks for your interest. Just go to and click "Sign Up" > "Brewery" to complete the one-step process to create your account and batches.

How many batches can I make available at a time?

There's no limit to the number of batches you can create! Brew to your heart's content.

Who is eligible to sell beer through Brewfully?

Any brewer who is licensed and equipped to fulfill beer orders for pickup at their brewery location.

What is a batch?

A batch is a page (created by a brewery) on Brewfully where people can pre-order your beer.

How do I create a batch?

To create a batch, login to your brewery's account on Brewfully then click your profile avatar located at the top right corner of your screen. Select "New Batch" from the dropdown menu.

What happens if my batch max quantity isn't reached?

Beer happens. You can still make the batch even if your max. pre-order quantity isn't reached.

When are the batch funds released to me?

Funds are delivered to your brewery in a lump sum at the end of your batch's pre-order period (as determined by you).

How will I receive my batch funds?

Funds can be delivered via direct transfer to your bank (ACH) or by check. Bank info is required for ACH payments

For Resellers

How do I sign up as a beer customer?

Nice choice. Just go to and click "Sign Up" > "Beer Enthusiast" to complete the one-step process to create your account and start pre-ordering your beer from your favorite breweries.

When is my card charged?

Your card will not be charged until the pre-order period for the beer you want is over. Your card information is safely encrypted and secure.